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You can make a taxi reservation HERE, but not less than 24 hours in advance.



Thank you! We will contact you to confirm

To book a taxi, you can:

Now you can also order an Amigo Taxi via WhatsAppi. Just position your location and send it to +3725247777. Our dispatcher will answer you in one minute.


  • The passenger pays for the taxi ride according to the taximeter (app taximater) reading (it is forbidden for the taxi driver to charge the passenger a higher fare than the taximeter reading). In the Republic of Estonia, settlement takes place in euros.

  • In the case of travel outside the main service area, the taxi driver has the right to demand a partial or full advance payment from the passenger, taking into account the assumed length of the trip. The taxi driver must give the passenger a formal receipt for the advance payment. Payment for the use of a taxi is made on the basis of the taximeter reading at the end of the journey.

  • A taxi driver has the right to refuse to serve a passenger if:

  • The rider has obvious signs of intoxication;

  • The driver is in taxi-stained clothing;

  • The passenger refuses to pay in advance for travel outside the main service area;

  • Due to the behavior of the passenger or other circumstances, it can be assumed that the safety of the taxi driver, his property or the vehicle is not ensured;

  • The passenger wishes to carry prohibited luggage or hand luggage containing substances and objects on the list of prohibited luggage. Prohibited baggage includes radioactive, explosive, poisonous, corrosive, flammable, foul-smelling and lubricating substances and substances and articles without appropriate packaging, as well as substances and articles which lubricate or damage a taxi;

  • There are more passengers than the seats specified in the vehicle registration certificate;

  • The taxon lights are not switched on, except when the taxi is stationary;

  • If a passenger commits an offense (incl. Violation of public order, refusal to pay a fare), a taxi driver has the right to take the passenger to the nearest police station at the passenger's expense.

  • The windows can only be opened and the radio switched on by mutual agreement between the driver and the taxi driver.

  • The passenger's luggage or items carried must not damage the cabin of the taxi or the vehicle, prevent the luggage compartment door from closing or overload the taxi.

  • It is forbidden for the passenger to damage the vehicle or the interior of its cabin, the machinery and equipment installed in it. The passenger is obliged to compensate the damage caused.

  • The driver must behave politely with the taxi driver.

  • It is forbidden for the driver and the children accompanying him to interfere with the taxi driver while driving and to distract him from driving the taxi.

  • The driver must ensure that the pets he carries do not endanger the occupants of the vehicle and do not damage or stain the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

  • The passenger is not allowed to smoke in the taxi.

  • It is forbidden for a passenger to demand a violation of traffic rules from a taxi driver.

  • It is forbidden for the passenger to damage the vehicle or the interior of the cabin. The passenger is obliged to compensate for the damage caused.


If you have problems with the services in our company, send us a message with a description of what happened. If possible, write down the date, place, car and other important details. We do not ignore any complaints. We will definitely identify everything and contact you.

Thank you! We will contact you as soon as possible

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